Product parameters

400 t of water gush arenaceous Ⅱ except the line machine

Water sand in addition to the line

name:400 t of water gush arenaceous Ⅱ except the line machine

Water gush arenaceous wire in addition to machine is a safe and effective, and widely used nondestructive removal equipment, use of air compressor of air flow, the lubricating medium water and abrasive sand by spraying hose out of surface processing, surface without any damage.

Nondestructive surface, low cost and high efficiency

Product parameter

  • Simple and convenient

  • High efficiency and energy saving

  • Best-selling

  • Modern techniques

Size: 5 * 2.2 * 2.2 m

Weight: an empty machine (2721 kg), pick-up (3629 kg)

The air volume: 10.6-17 m3 / min

Storage medium capacity: 226.8 KG, diameter: 61 cm

Injection pressure: 2-7.6 bar / 0.21 0.76 MPA

Water tank capacity: 473.17 L

The injection hose: 31.3 mm * 15 m (2)

Nozzle specifications: 8 high performance

Available accessories: extended tube, the extension rod and the nozzle

Engine: 4 cylinder turbocharged diesel engine, tier3

Power: 67 kw @ 2600 RPM

Fuel supply system: pressure system with rotary filter

Battery: 12 v

Fuel tank capacity is available for more than 8 hours operation

Kaeser compressor: type single type oil cooled screw type

The rated capacity: 10.6 m3 / [email protected]

Working pressure: 7.6 bar, 0.7 mpa

Lubrication system pressure lubrication, spin filter filter, temperature control of oil and gas cooler

Pressure relief valve: 8.7 bar / 0.87 MPA


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