Product parameters

LXD168 rides type hot melt marking machine

By driving type hot melt marking machine

name:LXD168 rides type hot melt marking machine

LXD168 by posture hot melt marking machine is a practical multifunctional marking equipment, the equipment itself a high degree of automation, high safety coefficient, reduce the operator labor intensity, improve the efficiency of line construction. The device itself can be according to the needs of users, and by changing the system, paint and other components, thermal spraying, hot melt extrusion, hot melt oscillation, such as hot melt coating multifunctional line.

Product parameter

  • Simple and convenient

  • High efficiency and energy saving

  • Best-selling

  • Modern techniques

The new by posture hot melt marking machine parameters:
Engine power: Honda GX270 (LPG)
Heating method: liquefied petroleum gas heating
Vehicle control system, computer CPU board imported Germany Siemens
Work mode: dual mode (general line and bump oscillation line)
Drive system: walking hydraulic driving and stepless variable speed
Compressor: imported air compressor, pump
Working pressure: the pressure of the pump 0.4-0.6 KG
The bucket capacity: 0.1413 m after (225 kg) for coating
Glass bead box capacity: 20 kg
Work speed: 0-15 km/h
Maximum gradability: 40 °
Trunk line height: 0 to 10 mm
Line width: cm (width of coal tub can allocate) according to the project demand
Wheel: two front two rear wheels, inflatable rubber material, 15 x 6.00 -- 6 the NHS
Light: LED lighting lamps, warning lights, lights, control panel display lamp
The fuselage dimensions: 1.9 * 1.22 * 1.3 m (not including pointer)
Long pointer: 2 m (scalable)
Weight: 570 kg

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