Product parameters

two-component coating line machine

Hot melt marking machine

name:two-component coating line machine

The company has a two-component machine introduction of Germany advanced technology, greatly improve the efficiency of construction mixing system adopts mechanical transmission electronic clutch, fall to the ground knife can adapt to different road conditions, glass beads seeding device is equipped with speed control buffer device, characterized by a two-component, high construction quality, high speed, flexible operation and convenient maintenance, etc.

Product parameter

  • Simple and convenient

  • High efficiency and energy saving

  • Best-selling

  • Modern techniques

Line thickness: 1.2 1.5 mm is adjustable

The bucket capacity: 100 kg

Curing agent tank capacity: 15 kg

Glass bead bucket capacity: 15 kg

Marking device: a manual scraping apply hopper (optional 30 cm, 40 cm, 45 cm)

Size and weight: 1200 * 860 * 970 mm 150 kg in weight


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